Getting in the groove

> 5 minutes steady cardio

> 20 minutes HIIT
> 10 minutes steady cardio
> Arm workout

Exercise (3 sets of 12 each)
Cable tricep pulldown
Seated machine row
Lat pulldown
Reverse flye
Overhead press

6:30 a.m.: Green Monster
9 a.m.: Coffee
11:15 a.m.: 1 c turkey chili; 1/4 c oyster crackers
5 p.m.: 1/2 c oyster crackers 
6:30 p.m.: Lemon Pepper Fish Lean Cuisine
9:30 p.m.: 3 TBSP Vanilla Whey Protein, 1 c almond milk, 1/2 c bluberries

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I had to take a fitness break yesterday. I am SORE!

Breakfast (6:30 a.m.): Green Monster
Lunch (11 a.m.): Whole wheat pita w/Tofurky & mustard, 10 carrots & 10 celery sticks w/2 TBSP hummus, bluberry Greek yogurt
Snack (1 p.m.): Cran rangoon (co-worker offered)
Dinner (6 p.m.): B.A. Burrito taco salad (lettuce, fresh salsa, black olives, steak, black beans, white rice, mozzarella); 15 tortilla chips w/1 TBSP guacamole

Wellness Update: Day 3 of no biting!

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You know you’re dating a hunter when…

… you’ve had venison for dinner the past TWO nights. (And didn’t mind it!)

All the more reason to stick to it during the day — when it comes to dinner, Eric has some good (but not exactly uber healthy) meal ideas. We literally have a freezer FULL of venision. Ground venison, tenderloins, strips, stew meat… you name it… So we’ve started becoming creative.

Last night: Venison Hamburger Helper.
Tonight: Venison burgers.
Up next: Food Network.

Breakfast (7:30 a.m.): Green Monster! (Almond milk, spinach, chia seeds, flax seed, almond butter & ice)
Lunch (11:15 a.m.): Creamy Chicken Wild Rice soup, whole wheat pita w/4 slices Tofurky & spicy brown mustard, 1 blueberry Greek yogurt
Dinner (6 p.m.): 1 venison burger (w/sauteed onion, shredded mozzarella, bacon & ketchup, on onion bun), 1/2 c easy spicy red potatoes (literally so easy — cut up, throw on spices & nuke in microwave for 20 minutes), 1/2 c baked beans
Snack (9:30 p.m.): 4 oz almond milk w/vanilla soy protein (dumped the rest of the glass out — I really need to use the blender to mix, as stirring with spoon does not work)

> 35 minutes steady-rate cardio (ran on treadmill)
> Legs machine workout (3 sets of 12): Leg extension, leg curl, leg press, lunges w/dumbbells (20 each leg)
> Mini abs workout: 45 degree bench leg raises (3 sets of 10), crunches (3 sets of 20), plank (2 minutes)

Wellness Update: Day 2 without biting nails! 🙂 I think it just takes one full day of no biting to make progress. That first day was the hardest. The Burt’s Bees cuticle cream is helping smooth things out. I’ve also been using a hand lotion made especially for smoothing cuticles throughout the day at work. I think I’ll use the OPI nail growth polish again tonight, as the first round is wearing off.

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Slowly but surely

Skipped yesterday. No excuses. It will officially be my “off” day. Here we go Tuesday through Sunday!

> 5 minutes warm-up
> 20 minutes HIIT
> 10 minutes steady-rate cardio
> Arms machine workout (3 sets of 12): Seated row, lat pulldown, overhead dumbbell press, incline overhead dumbbell press, tricep cable extension, dummbell curl

Breakfast (8 a.m.): 16 oz coffee

Lunch (12 p.m.): 1 c Creamy Chicken Wild Rice Soup, 1 c corn, 1 c blueberry greek yogurt
Snack (5:30 p.m.): 1 banana, 1 small slice garlic bread
Dinner (6:30 p.m.): 2 c venison Cheesburger Hamburger Helper
Snack (9:30 p.m.): 6 oz almond milk w/tera’swhey fair trade organic dark chocolate whey protein

Wellness Update: Eric bribed me to stop biting my nails with a promise of dinner at Kate’s on State. This is as great a time as any to make the commitment to stop. I went all day today without succumbing to my habit! Small steps, people, small steps 🙂 Last night I polished my nails with OPI growth treatment, let it dry, then slathered my cuticles and rough tips with Burt’s Bees cuticle cream.

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Keep it up!

I haven’t stuck to my plan as strictly as I had intended, but I’ve still made a point to get active and eat well each day this week. Today was my and Eric’s three-year anniversary! I can’t believe how fast three years have flown by, yet at the same time I can’t ever imagine how I lived life without him. 🙂 Check out today:

> 10 minutes HIIT, 30 minutes steady cardio (both elliptical)
> Leg work (3 sets of 12): Leg press, leg curl, leg extension

Breakfast (7:30 a.m.): Green Monster, flax seed English muffin w/1 TBSP almond butter & 1 TBSP black raspberry jam
Lunch (11:30 a.m.): Lemon fish w/rice & broccoli Lean Cuisine, blueberry Oikos Greek yogurt
Snack (5 p.m.): 7 carrots w/1 TBSP spicy pepper hummus
Dinner (8 p.m.): 4 slices Pear Gorgonzola pizza (eek… it was our anniversary) and 8 oz New Glarus raspberry beer

As an anniversary gift to Eric, I scheduled a 1.5-hour couples massage (complete w/steam shower & jacuzzi soak) for next Saturday. Ahhhh cannot wait. Maybe this was more a gift for myself? 😉

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Taking the first steps

Day 1 went quite well. Kicked my butt with cardio, completed my strength routine and ate fairly well (until Eric suggested Sloppy Joes for dinner. Sigh.) Check it out:

> 5 minutes steady cardio on stair machine (Not by choice; I arrived at the Y at peak time.)
> 18 minutes of intervals on elliptical (1 minute high intensity, 30 seconds lower intensity; KICKED MY BUTT… couldn’t make it to 20 minutes, although Eric did kick me off at 18:00 to start on weights, so maybe that’s my excuse!)
> Upper body machines routine (from Muscle & Fitness Hers):

Exercise                                                   Sets     Reps   Weight
Smith Machine Incline Press                  2           12          7.5 lbs (too light)
Lat Pulldown                                             3           12          37 lbs (too light)
Seated Machine Row                               3           12          30 lbs (perfect)
Smith Machine Overhead Press            3           12          7.5 lbs (challenging)
Reverse Pec-Deck Flye                           3           12          10 lbs (challenging)
Cable Lying Triceps Extension              2           12           30 lbs (too light)
Standing Cable Curl                                 2           12           30 lbs (perfect)

Breakfast (6 a.m.): Green Monster (1 c almond milk, 1 banana, 2 c spinach, 1 T flax seed); green tea; plus coffee at work (~8 a.m.)
Lunch (11 a.m.): Salad (greens, pecans, dried cranberries, low-fat feta, olive oil, balsalmic, raspberry vinaigrette); whole-wheat pita with 3 slices Tofurkey & brown mustard; 2 water bottles water
Snack (4:30 p.m.): 14 baked tortilla chips w/1 c 7-layer dip (leftover from Sunday’s Packer game); 1 large glass water
Dinner (7:30 p.m.): 14 baked tortilla chips w/1 c 7-layer dip (I have to get rid of it!); 1 Sloppy Joe (from mix w/ground venison on Fayze’s bun)

What I’ll do differently today:

  • Go to the Y at a different time (either at 4:30 p.m. or 7 p.m.; too busy at 5:30)
  • Take my bluetooth with my phone for workout music (Will this work? Or do I have to have a special attachment?)
  • Have an afternoon snack (to ward overeating in the evening)
  • Drink more water
  • Read tonight
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A New Path

Welcome to my very first blog, Radiate Life. Join me as I navigate the blogosphere to help drive myself toward optimal health and wellness. The first days of a new year offer a special opportunity to seize life by the reigns.

With that being said, today I lay out a new path that encompasses three vital veins:

  1. Fitness: Achieve at least 35 minutes of cardio per day, six days per week. Perform strength training four times per week. Work abdominals two times per week.
  2. Nutrition: Consume primarily whole foods, focusing on protein and produce. Eat 5-6 times per day. Drink one gallon of water per day.
  3. Wellness: Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Read every night. Stop biting my nails. (Insert shame face.)
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